Chapleau Ojibwe First Nation

Chief Anita Stephens, Chapleau Ojibwe First Nation

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Chapleau, Ontario
P0M 1K0
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Chapleau Ojibwe First Nation is home to the First Nation people who are descendants of those that have lived in the area for many generations. The community is located near Chapleau Ontario and was actually established along the former Highway 129 that once led to the town. Currently the community has several buildings and homes near highway 101/129 south of the town of Chapleau.Elder Therese Memegos pointed out that Chapleau Ojibwe FN was moved three times before it was permanently established at its present location. Originally the community was based on the shores of the Chapleau River. This first community had a large population and had several homes and buildings including an Anglican and Catholic Church.

“There was a fairly large community on the shores of the Chapleau River. It had more people with several family names such as Cheese and Quakegesic, as well as Memegos. Just before I arrived to this area the community had declined. The younger people moved to other communities and only a few older people lived along the river. In time these elders passed away until there was only about nine members in the community,” said Elder Memegos.

She explained that before the decline, the people led a very traditional lifestyle. They came to this community only in the summers and lived with their families on their traditional trap lines and hunting grounds in the winter. Through her father in law, Elder Memegos had learned that the Cheese family was a prominent family in the community. She said that Simon Cheese was known by the people as the first Chief of the First Nation but she does not know if the government at the time recognized him as a community leader. During this time there was a more traditional community leadership that was passed down through family ties.

In 1990, the community became one of the founding First Nations of the newly created Wabun Tribal Council. The community accomplished this through the efforts of past leaders including Chief Joanne Nakogee and Chief William Memegos.

First Nation Officials

Registered First Nation Officials from the INAC website

Title Surname Given Name Appointment Date Expiry Date
Chief STEPHENS ANITA 11/12/1998 N/A
Councillor MEMEGOS THERESA 11/12/1998 N/A
Councillor PANAMICK LEONA 11/12/1998 N/A


Geographic Zone: Code 2: The First Nation is located between 50 and 350 Km from the nearest service centre to which it has year-round road access.
Environmental Index: Code B: Geographic location between 45 and 50 degrees latitude.
Service Center: Timmins
Most Populated Site: Chapleau No. 74A