Major Resource Development Initiatives

Wabun Tribal Council and/or its First Nations have been involved with facilitating the negotiations of the following agreements.

The following pages highlight major developments that Wabun First Nations are actively taking part, in partnership with the resource development industry.  Each page highlights the details of partnerships that have been developed by Wabun leadership and Wabun First Nations Chiefs and Councils concerning natural resources on traditional lands.

>> HydroMega

>> Lake Shore Gold Corp

>> Northgate Minerals Corp

>> Liberty Mines Inc


Impact Benefit Agreement Coordinator

Since Wabun First Nations have signed resource development agreements with major companies, representative positions have been created to maintain these new relationships.  The Impact Benefit Agreement (IBA) Coordinator position acts as a liaison between the company and First Nation leadership to maintain communications and to assist First Nations entities and individuals in finding business and employment opportunities in associated mining projects.

tina_minarik newTina Minarik
IBA Coordinator,
Lake Shore Gold Corp.

Wabun Tribal Council Traditional Territory In Northern Ontario

Wabun First Nations have long established areas of traditional lands that have been used by their people for generations.  Displayed below is a mapping of the identified traditional areas of the Wabun First Nations.  The territorial map highlights the six Wabun First Nation communities.

This map is a work in progress and depending on developments is subject to change.  To view a full size image of the Wabun Territory Map, click on the map above to open the full size image. The image will open in a new window to be viewed in full size.  Please note that the full sized map has a large file size and will take longer to load depending on your internet connection.