Mineral Development

Dianne Tookenay
Mineral Development Advisor (MDA)
This individual is responsible to Wabun Tribal Council. The Mineral Development Advisor helps the First Nations to respond to the request and application of exploration plans and permits that various proponent individuals and corporations present to the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines (MNDM).

The implementation of the New Mine Act requires that the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines must inform First Nations of mineral development applications interest occurring within their territory. The applicant proponents are directed by the MNDM to engage the affected First Nations with respect to whether development proposed will impact their territory and Aboriginal and Treaty Rights.

Exploration Applications proposed by applicants to the MNDM may include all various types of exploration activity, such as line cutting, geophysical surveys and/or rock or core drilling.

The MDA is to be a liaison between the First Nations, the applicant proponent and MNDM government personnel. It is the objective of Wabun’s Mineral Development department to assist both the First Nation and the applicant proponent to achieve a shared understanding with respect to the various requirements of Wabun First Nations’ process of consultation and accommodation on new exploration, proposed closure plans for new mines and for amendments to existing mines’ closure plans.

The Mineral Development Advisor supports coordinating a First Nation response and assists in achieving understanding and a business arrangement with respect to new exploration and mineral development.The MDA and Wabun Tribal Council are additionally supported by the MNDM with resources for administrative support services to help achieve these services. Both the Executive Director and the Economic Development Advisor are additionally engaged in the provision of support services to help First Nations achieve the proper First Nation response to individuals and companies wishing to develop the mineral potential of Wabun First Nations.

Dianne Tookenay
Mineral Development Advisor (MDA)

Phone: 705-268-9066 ext. 224
Email: Diannetookenay@wabun.on.ca

Linda Keay
MDA Assistant
Phone: 705-268-9066 ext. 226
Email: Lindakeay@wabun.on.ca