Wabun Development Corporation

Wabun Tribal Council - 313 Railway Street, Timmins, Ontario

The Wabun Development Corporation was established by Wabun Tribal Council to promote the development of a means to produce business opportunities.  A major outcome of the Wabun Development Corporation was when the organization purchased its own administrative building located in Timmins, Ontario.

In November 1998, Wabun Tribal Council held a Grand Opening event to celebrate the opening of their newly established office in Timmins.

“Like a lot of other organizations and agencies we have been leasing space for many years. Finally, we felt the timing was right to purchase our own building so that we could benefit from owning our own assets with an aim at generating revenue,” said Shawn Batise, Executive Director of Wabun Tribal Council.

Wabun’s Timmins location features 6,000 square feet of office space. The two story office building sports a large board room, the Chiefs` office and offices dedicated to administration, health services program, economic development / technical services and financial services. The building is equipped with state of the art computer technology, communications and security systems.

This development was led by the support and direction of the board of directors, the Chiefs of the six communities of Wabun Tribal Council.

“This ownership really gives our Wabun leadership, our communities and our staff a sense of independence, security and pride.” commented Batise.

Wabun Tribal Council welcomes business development initiatives.  Office space is also available for lease.  For more information contact Jason Batise, Economic Development and Technical Services Advisor.